Where To Shoot A Turkey With A Shotgun

So you are out in the wild with your shotgun. 

Behold a turkey appears in your sights. What do you do? Where do you shot it?

Well you're about to find out.

Where to shoot a turkey with a 12 gauge or 20 gauge shotgun?

If you're going to shoot a turkey you should always aim for the base of the neck. 

Of course depending on your distance away from the turkey you might want to change you're angle. If you're at a close range then aim for the base of the neck. By close I mean anywhere around 20 yards or less.

If you're at a farther range then slowly start pointing higher starting from the base of the neck.

What range works?

Now what range should you shoot a turkey from? Well as you know shotguns tend to be close range weapons.

This really depends on your skill level however. I have managed to shot turkeys from 5 yards all the way to 40 yards using this method.

Why Aiming At The Head Won't Work With A Shotgun

As previously mentioned a lot of people think that you should aim at the head or at the eyes when shooting a turkey with a shotgun. The reason this simply won't work is because most of you're pattern will most likely pass over their heads even if you manage to get perfect shot. Check out this video on how to pattern your turkey shotgun.