Hunting Coyotes At Night

Hunting coyotes at night is a lot more difficult than hunting them during the day.

There are a lot more factors and circumstances that you have to take into account. While this is a disadvantage for you it is also a disadvantage for the coyote itself.

Night Hunting Coyotes Equipment

  • Rifle Or Shotgun - Either one works with this method
  • Night Vision Scope
  • Top notch camouflodge
  • Coyote Hunting Calls

My Coyote Hunting At Night Method

First you need to keep in mind is what the current moon phase is. I enjoy going out hunting at night anywhere between the hours of 10:30 pm and 3 am especially when there is a full moon and snow on the ground. It's almost as clear as it is during the day.

First find a good tree which gives you a close view to the ground. Be sure to use predator hunting lights to get accurate shot, check out our predator hunting light reviews page. Then use your hunting call to get a coyote to come to you.

I found that coyotes tend to be a lot more aggressive at night. By using your hunting call you will find that a coyote will come in running recklessly. Although sometimes they will tend to stop a few yards to look around it doesn't take long for them to start coming very close to your perimeter. 

Calling Sequence For Coyotes?

Here is what i've tried:

Use the cotton tail distress call. First use it for 45 seconds then stop for like 30 seconds. Then start again for another 45 seconds and stop. Continue until necessary. Again since coyotes are more aggressive at night expect to have one coming in within the first 45 seconds if they're close enough.

Once you see a coyote in the distance STOP! Then you can use the rodent in distress call. Since it's one of the coyotes favorite food it will come begging right in. 

What if they're is more than one?

Coyotes tend to hunt in pairs and not packs. So you can usually expect for more than 1 coyote to show up. Well first of all get the shot on the first one. Hopefully you're shot is accurate and immediately kills it. 

If you see the other coyote immediately take off running then use the hurt coyote pup distress call. Most of the time the run away coyote will stop and turn around. This is your chance and get the second kill. 

Ending Thoughts

Coyote hunting at night is no easy task. Don't feel discouraged if it takes you a couple of tries to get your first coyote kill. I've been doing this for years and every once in a while it will take more a long time before I finally see a coyote or i'll have a few missed shots. Just don't give up.   

​Best of luck to you and happy hunting!