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Best Food Plots For Deer

deer food plots

The key to making the best food plot for deer is finding the perfect seed to place and perfect location to place it in. Even for those expert hunters out there there are a few considerations we all need to take into account. Simply laying out corn, soybean, or seeds would not do the trick. A lot of […]

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Best Coyote Bait

coyote bait

I don’t know about you guys but I’ve noticed that it’s getting harder and harder to attract coyotes now. The only way I attract them now is using bait. Here is what you need to know and some of the best coyote bait to trap them. The rising popularity of coyote huntingIf you are someone who […]

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Hunting Coyotes At Night

coyote hunting at night

Hunting coyotes at night is a lot more difficult than hunting them during the day.There are a lot more factors and circumstances that you have to take into account. While this is a disadvantage for you it is also a disadvantage for the coyote itself. Night Hunting Coyotes Equipment Rifle Or Shotgun – Either one […]

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Where To Shoot A Turkey With A Shotgun

where to shot a turkey with shotgun

So you are out in the wild with your shotgun. Behold a turkey appears in your sights. What do you do? Where do you shot it?Well you’re about to find out.Where to shoot a turkey with a 12 gauge or 20 gauge shotgun?If you’re going to shoot a turkey you should always aim for the base […]

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