Best Predator Hunting Lights 2017: Reviews & Guide

Do you like to hunt? Do you feel a rush of adrenaline as you take aim and press the trigger?

Hunting is a sport enjoyed by many. Every year, as the hunting season begins, a huge number of hunters gear up. For them, hunting is a passion - a thrilling adventure they wait for every year.

While it may seem like all you need is a firearm and a good aim, hunting is not that easy. You need the ideal firearm depending on the animal you want to hunt and the environment you will be hunting in.

If you prefer hunting after sunset or before sunrise, you may find it harder to take aim due to the darkness that engulfs you. Or if you are a novice, you might need help knowing whether your aim is right. In such scenarios, it is wise to have a predator hunting light. Such a light would help you aim at the target clearly.

1. Orion Predator H30

The Orion predator hunting light is one of the best hunting lights available. It comes in red and green light, which can be used to take aim at up to 273 yards. The colors were chosen after a detailed study on the colored lights that most animals are not sensitive to. It is believed that humans are most sensitive to red and green light.

Simultaneously, these lights are known not to disturb or spook animals. Therefore, the fact that Orion Predator H30 is available in these two colors makes it an ideal choice for hunting any animal.

The beam is known to be sharp and focused. This enables hunters to take a clear aim and ensure that their hunting expedition goes as smoothly as possible. The rigidity of the flashlight along with the availability of rifle mounts and a charger kit makes it a holistic package. It can be used to hunt various animals including hogs, coyotes, and fox.

The Orion Predator H30 has had a very positive response from its customers. They have praised it for its long reach and quality. Furthermore, they have lauded it for its durability. This durability is guaranteed by the material used for its construction.

Users have confirmed that the hunting light does not alarm the prey and has an excellent range. However, a few people complain that the beam is a set pattern whose focus cannot be adjusted, which they would like to do.

Overall, the Orion Predator H30 has received positive reviews and is considered one of the best predator hunting lights.

2. BestFire Portable HS-802

BestFire portable hunting light is both affordable and of high quality. Available in red and green light, it is known to be durable. Its beam is bright and has a range of 250 yards. It is made out of aluminum, which adds to its robustness. The flashlight is suitable for hunting a vast variety of animals.

Furthermore, the fact that it is available in red and green light has been widely appreciated. This is because humans are most sensitive to green and red, while animals are least alarmed by them, making it the ideal color choice.

It is lauded for its high-quality beam and affordability. Customers have appreciated the brightness of the light, quoting that it has helped them hunt at night. They also believe that the BestFire Portable HS-802 offers great value for its price.

However, some didn't like the strobe mode which activates when the battery is low. Customers have suggested that the beam should transfer to a low power mode when the battery is low rather than on strobe mode.

Apart from this, the BestFire Portable HS-802 has had favorable reviews and is one of the top hunting lights available.

3. Orion M30C

Orion is known for producing quality hunting lights, and the M30C lives up to this legacy. With a lighting distance of 377 yards, this hunting light features one of the brightest green lights. This makes it an ideal choice for hunting hogs over a long shooting range.

The green and red LED lights have outstripped their competitors in brightness and range. This ensures better spotting of animals and guarantees a perfect aim.

It has been well received by the target market and is dubbed to be one of the best predator hunting lights of the year.

It has been praised for its extended battery life, availability of extra batteries in the package, and long range. However, people also believe that the size of the product is too big and threatens portability.

All in all, it is safe to say that the pros of the product clearly outweighs the cons. If you are looking for a light to help you take aim and shoot over long distances, the Orion M30C will be the right choice.

4. WindFire Green Hunting Light

A green light with 350 lumens of brightness, the WindFire hunting light has a lighting range of 250 yards. This allows the hunter to aim at its prey without alarming it. Added to this, the output of the hunting light is bright and crisp, which helps you get a clear aim.

The compactness of the hunting light makes it portable and, therefore, a good choice for hunters. It has been appreciated for its affordability and durability.

Added to this, users have noted that animals don't tend to notice the light, making it a perfect tool to take aim without causing alarm. However, some feel that even though it is a well-built light, it is slightly bulkier than the ideal weight. This challenges its feature of portability.

Overall, the WindFire Green Hunting Light is a very useful gadget for hunting down coyotes and hogs. It is one of the best hunting lights available. If you like to hunt at night, it will surely make your hunting experience easier and more enjoyable.

5. Ulako Green Hunting Light

Ulako hunting gadgets are known for their superior performance and high quality. The latest addition to the Ulako family does not disappoint. The Ulako Green Hunting Light has a bright output of 350 lumens and can work for up to four and a half hours when fully charged.

Both of these features make it an ideal hunting light for extended nighttime hunting adventures.

Since humans are highly sensitive to green light and animals are known to be insensitive to it, Ulako Green Hunting Light is the optimum choice for hunting a variety of animals including pigs, hogs, and coyotes.

Users of the Ulako Green Hunting Light have praised it for its performance and quality. They have dubbed it to be the ideal hunting light for nighttime hunting. The high brightness of the light has aided in spotting and taking aim of the prey. This feature has helped this product make everyone's hunting experience a memorable one.

However, there have been a few complaints about the fact that the Ulako Green Hunting Light only has one light intensity. Users have suggested that while the bright beam light is a nice feature, there should be an option for other intensities.

All in all, this product is one of the best predator hunting lights available. If you like to hunt at night, purchase this light and have a stress-free hunting experience.

6. VRL-1 Hunting Light

The VRL-1 Hunting Light has an edge over other hunting lights available in the market due to its robustness and portability. These qualities are a result of the product being lightweight. Furthermore, to guarantee rigidity, it is built in a way to meet the military-grade standard. 

Available in red and green LED light, its beam has a distance of 300 yards. Such a long range allows hunters to target prey at a longer distance without them suspecting.

Specifically designed for hunting hogs and varmints, the green beam light is chosen because hogs and varmints are insensitive to them while humans can easily register them.

Added to this, the beam is extremely focused and sharp, further ensuring good aim. The package includes various other items including a battery charger, rifle mounts, and a pressure switch.

Customers have praised the VRL-1 Hunting Light for its portability and sharp beam light. The range of its beam light surpasses the range of other hunting lights. This helps the VRL-1 Hunting Light stand out amongst other competitors. However, some users have reported that there have been instances where foxes detected the presence of the red light.

Overall, the VRL-1 Hunting Light is one of the best lights available in the market. It is robust, portable, and affordable. If you want a hunting light that is suitable for hunting over a long distance, you might want to give the VRL-1 a try.

7. Comunite Portable Hunting Light

Comunite hunting products are well-known amongst hunters for their quality and performance. This product's service life of approximately 100,000 hours makes it highly durable. It has a number of unique qualities that differentiate it from other similar products.

Such qualities include it being resistant to slipping off the firearm, being waterproof, and stability in the quality of the light. These conditions result from the aluminum build of the product. The aluminum construction also aids in the light being shockproof.

People who have bought the Comunite Portable Hunting Light have good things to say about the product. Its extended battery life along with its durability has made it a popular choice amongst many. Moreover, users believe that the Comunite Portable Hunting Light offers high value at a reasonable price.

This makes it an ideal choice for those who seek affordability and quality. However, some users have suggested the addition of extra buttons for a momentary beam.

Overall, it is an excellent offer. It has a great price and superb features. Known as one of the best predator hunting lights, the Comunite Portable Hunting Light lives up to its title.

8. X.YSHINE Tactical Flashlight

X.YSHINE Tactical Flashlight is superior to other predator hunting lights in quality. Available in red light to facilitate nighttime hunting, the X.YSHINE hunting light can also be used to send an SOS signal in case of emergencies.

Furthermore, it has an exceptionally high brightness and a longer lighting distance of 500m compared to similar products in the same price range. Furthermore, the weight of the product is low, making it portable. These features have made it a contender for the title of the best hunting light.

Overall, the customer response has been highly positive. People have praised it for its robustness, which is guaranteed by the use of aluminum alloy. It has also been praised for its value-added features including its resistance to harsh weather and its quality of being waterproof.

This ensures that the product can be used in a variety of setting. It has also been lauded for its long lighting range and people believe that they got their money's worth. However, some have suggested that X.YSHINE should improve the brightness of the flashlight. This will help hunters in clearly aiming for their prey.

To sum it up, it can be concluded that the X.YSHINE Tactical Flashlight offers superior quality and performance. Even though it has a few setbacks, it has succeeded in satisfying its target market. If you are looking for a packaged solution to night hunting, the X.YSHINE flashlight will not disappoint.

Things to look for in a predator hunting light

Although it may seem like a simple decision, choosing and buying a predator hunting light is anything but simple. It requires a deep understanding of the required features of the hunting light and the knowledge of what differentiates a good hunting light from a bad one.

Furthermore, before making the purchase, you should be clear about what prey you want to hunt. Some lights are adapted for particular animals and may spook or alarm others.

Our detailed discussion on some of the best predator hunting lights has highlighted some qualities one must look for in predator hunting lights. You should look for the following in a predator hunting light:


The color of the light should be green or red

As you will see in all of the hunting lights discussed below, the color of the beam is always red or green. While some may believe it is for an aesthetic effect, the fact is that humans are most sensitive to green and red light in the dark.

Added to this, animals are least susceptible to these colors and are not alarmed by them. This makes it an ideal color for a hunting light. Therefore, you should make it a point to look for hunting lights with a green or red beam.


It should be light in weight to enhance portability

Imagine being in a forest or a hunting ground. You may need to walk for miles before you find a prey. Now imagine carrying a bulky flashlight in such a scenario. Doesn't it sound tiring?

A hunting experience is about having fun and relaxing. When you are carrying heavy equipment, your energy will quickly drain. Therefore, it is suggested that you carry equipment which is light in weight.

By opting for a hunting light that is portable, you would be reducing the weight you are carrying. This will make sure that you don't get tired quickly and have a relaxed experience.


It should have an extended battery life

A hunting expedition is not a quick extravaganza. It can stretch for hours. If the battery life of your hunting light is poor, that would mean you will miss out on a lot of fun while your fellow hunters shoot down prey after prey. No hunter would want to sit around and watch as others have a good time.

After all, the hunting season only comes once a year. Therefore, you should choose a shooting light with a long battery life so as to enjoy the most of the limited hunting season.


The beam should be bright, focused, and long ranged

It is not easy taking aim of a moving prey. On top of that, if it is dark, the task gets even more complicated. Moreover, you don't want to alarm your prey by shooting at the wrong position.

After all, it is not easy finding an animal in the dark. To make sure you quickly find a prey and it doesn't get alarmed, your hunting light should be bright and focused. A bright light allows easy detection, and a focused one makes it easier to aim.

The chances are that if you are closer to your prey, it is going to spot you and run. Therefore, it is integral that the range of the beam is longer. This helps hunters avoid being detected.

All in all, if you are a hunter, you should spend quality time deciding which predator hunting light to buy. Make sure you buy the best hunting light. Why? This is because it is the first step to a successful hunting experience.

There are various good hunting lights available in the market. Let us look at some of the best predator hunting lights available so as to help all the hunters out there.